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The 100% frameless shower enclosure became a desire of ours as we were remodeling our master bath in our 14 year old Firebrook home in Lexington. We removed the old ceramic tile and put travertine tile on the floors and walls, including the shower. We had seen glass shower enclosures in Bermuda and on decorating shows. These were without metal tracks, clips or rails, showcasing the artistry of the tile. We failed to locate a manufacturer in the area for a 100% frameless shower like what we wanted. We investigated and found installers in other areas of the country that were embedding the glass in the tile, making a beautiful, unobstructed view of the tile work in the shower.

After talking with friends and others in the community, we realized there was a desire for these beautiful shower enclosures in others homes. So we decided to offer the custom design and installation of 100% frameless showers to Central Kentucky homeowners and builders. Doug’s experience with home construction and architectural drafting, lends itself to the design and installation of these custom shower enclosures. Our hope is that you contact us with any questions regarding your shower enclosure needs.

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