The Process


The Process

Showcase Showers enclosures can be designed for a new home from the architectural design plans or for a remodeled home before, during or after the tile work. All that is required for an estimate is a sketched drawing with general measurements. You will find that the price is comparable to the other “frameless” framed showers on the market today.

The process involves 2 – 3 visits to your home. The first visit can be made when the tile or solid surface installation is complete (not necessarily grouted) . At this visit, precise measurements for the glass are made with a laser tool. A decision regarding your hinge and handle finish and the style of handle or knob must be made at this time.

A deposit check is required to initiate the custom glass order. The glass will take approximately 2-4 weeks to be manufactured to the specifications of your Showcase Shower.

The second visit to your home involves cutting a groove to embed and anchor the glass into the tile or solid surface. The installation of the glass panels, door and hardware will take place. The glass is anchored into the groove with a waterproof anchoring compound (not silicone). This compound is then topped with silicone grout that matches your tile grout or solid surface.

If your shower enclosure has a corner miter or a door hinged from another panel of glass, a third visit will be scheduled to clean the miter or install the door.

With the exception of a door-only installation, there will be a 48 waiting period before the shower can be used in order to allow the silicone grout to cure before water contacts it.

Final payment is expected the day of the shower enclosure completion.

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